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    Fuçando por ai..... Empty Fuçando por ai.....

    Mensagem  misterious em Ter Set 13, 2011 4:20 pm

    Achei uma parada ai sobre o jogo até o fim desse ano:

    Dates/Timeframes for new patches or other additions is something I have a
    hard time finding. And it seems that no one has taken the effort to
    clearify things on this matter. Below is a list of things that are
    coming, including the best know timeframe when to expect them. I will
    edit as our intel comes in.

    For the people that perfer a visual presentation here's a spreadsheet made by Pernumbra;

    Patch 0.6.7 - 15 September
    Tanks - Tier 5 Lights
    Tanks - M4A2E3 & M24
    Tanks - light tanks T-50, T-50-2-

    Patch 0.7.0 - (September 23 - December 22)

    Q4 2011
    Tanks - tank destroyers SU-85 (I),SU-100M-1, SU-101 (Uralmash-1), SU-122-54
    Tanks - medium tank Pz IV Hydro
    Tanks - tank destroyers Marder III, Dickermax, Nashorn, Sturer Emil, Jagdpanzer E-100
    Tanks - light,
    medium, and heavy tanks Renault FT, D1, D2, B1, ARL 44, AMX-50 100mm,
    AMX-50 120mm, Hotchkiss H35, AMX 38, AMX 40, AMX-13/75, AMX-13/90,
    Chatillon 25t, BDR G1B, AMX M4 1945, AMX-50-68t , AMX-12t , Lorraine 40t
    Game mode - Company
    battle divisions: tier 10 max with no overall tier limitation, tiers 8,
    6, and 4 max with the respective overall tier limitation
    Game mode - Assault
    (one team attacks, the other one defends the base) and Encounter battle
    (two teams are to capture the base in the center of the map)
    Clan Wars - Fog of war in clan battles
    Clan Wars - Cooldown period for destroyed vehicles
    Optimization - Packed resources decreasing map loading time
    Optimization - Pre-caching – optimized vehicle model loading for Low-end PCs
    Visuals/Audio - New firing effects, explosions, and other visual effects will be added gradually
    Visuals/Audio - Vehicle customization: camouflage and horn sounds
    Interface Improvement - Mini-map customization and new functionality
    Interface Improvement - Interface game tutorial
    Interface Improvement - Quick in-game violation report system
    Additional Content - New crew skills and perks will be added gradually
    Gameplay Improvement - Multi-turret support - With the French tanks?
    Gameplay Improvement - Tracers - Presumed 0.7.0 or 0.7.1

    Q1 2012
    Tanks - tank destroyers M8A1, T49, M18 Hellcat, T28 prototype - Q1 2012;
    Tanks - heavy tanks M103, T110, tank destroyer T25-2
    Tanks - heavy tanks KV-1, KV-2, KV-4, Т-150, ST 1, Object 252
    Tanks - SPGs RenaultBS, Lorraine39 L-AM, AMX-105AM, AMX 13F3AM, Lorraine155-50, Lorraine155-51, Bаt Chatillon155
    Tanks - tank
    destroyers FCM 36Pak40, 105 leFH18B2, Panzerjager35R, Renault FT AC,
    Lorraine 37L-AC, Somua Sau40, S 35CA, ARL V39, AMX AC de120-46, AMX AC
    de120-48, AMX50 Foch
    Tanks - medium tank Renault G1R, light tank АМХ 13FL11
    Game mode - Garage battle – players can use several tanks (one after another) in one battle (“limited respawn”)
    Game mode - Escort
    (only a few tanks from the team have the ability to capture enemy's
    base, the opposite team is to stop potential invaders)
    Additional Content - New aсhievements
    Interface Improvement - Expanded post-battle statistics, also accessible in garage menu
    Gameplay Improvement - Realistic vehicle physics
    Gameplay Improvement - Extended platoons for up to 5 players
    Gameplay Improvement - Improved match-making system

    Q2 2012
    Tanks - SPGs E10, E25, tank destroyer JagdTiger Sd Kfz 185 (88/71)
    Tanks - Introduction English Tree

    Tanks - Japanese tanks
    Game mode - Historical battle - faction based battles with historically justified restrictions on vehicles and modules available
    Clan Wars - Expansion
    of the global map. The following regions are going to be added in the
    prescribed order: North America, Africa, South America, Australia,
    Korea, China, Japan
    Clan treasure transactions
    Clan Wars - Clan armoury, clan consumables and tanks
    Visuals/Audio - National crew voices (crews of each nation speak their mother tongue)
    Interface Improvement - Battle game tutorial
    Interface Improvement - Commander’s chart
    Interface Improvement - Improved chat functionality, official language-based chat subchannels
    Gameplay Improvement - 30vs30 - As promised here, more info

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